You Can Go Home Again

February 05, 2022


I remember summer days; opening the screen door and entering my grandma’s house. The smell of her house is indescribable but I’ll bet we all have places that have smells that can only be described as “grandma’s house” or “Uncle Jack’s house”, right? I can remember the smell of the giant black Pontiac with the bench seat my grandparents would pick me up from school in. No car smells like that anymore. Those smells have the intoxicating scent of comfort…of safety…of home.

What is home anyway? It’s family. It’s a sanctuary filled with memories shared and love cultivated. Home is the fountainhead of all things nostalgic and all things worth remembering. Like the windmill in grandma’s backyard, the gravel in the driveway that would crunch under the wheels of dad’s truck when he came home, when the windows at grandma’s house would get foggy from all the people inside during a holiday so, you’d write your name or draw a picture on the misty surface, or those amazing molasses cookies cooling near the window in the spring.

Can you imagine just pressing a button and taking a trip right back to those places and those times? To have a chance to step into a moment where memories, images, voices, and countless meals are shared seems practically unattainable except in our memories. Believe it or not, it is attainable. You can go back home.

Heiroom provides a place where all these moments can be gathered in one place. I’m not just talking about a photo gallery or a few recipe posts. Sure, you can do all that, too! It’s also a place you can share handwritten letters - remember those? Maybe you have a stack of correspondence written by your father to your grandmother during his time serving in the Vietnam war. The only place they currently exist is on paper in the top drawer of a dresser. Heiroom can give handwritten documents like letters a place to exist permanently - and to be shared as a way of retaining your family’s legacy.

Home is safe. Home is comfortable. Home is loving. Heiroom provides a safe and private place where only family and extended groups of special people in your lives have access. It’s a place where your grandma can leave a recorded message and preserve her voice for future generations. What if you could hear a recording of the song your grandma used to sing you to sleep? 

Heiroom is like an interactive memory box or an ever expanding time capsule. It’s a living family tree you can watch grow in real time. It’s a place for special moments that can add to your legacy and be shared from generation to generation.  You can visit any time with the click of a button. With Heiroom, you can go home again.

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