Why You Need a New Social Media Platform

October 28, 2022

Social media- has allowed people to stay in touch with family and friends and meet new people
worldwide. We also read news through various social media platforms. However, most social
media networks have become so toxic and unsafe that they have started affecting people’s
mental health and destroying their privacy and peace of mind. 
It’s about time we need a social media platform that prioritizes our privacy and safety. Read on
to learn what makes a new platform like Heiroom different and why you need it.

The Dangers of Old Social Media Platforms
Using established social media platforms is now less fun and more frightening. Malicious
content, scams, spam, and malware can be quickly spread. Your personal information and
identity can be stolen by just one mistake of opening a suspicious link. Scammers and hackers

can also gain your financial information, including credit card and bank account numbers. They
may also open a bank or credit card account under your name.
Moreover, fake profiles are a significant risk in social media. These people will hide under the
names of your favorite celebrities, models, or influencers. They may also start showing interest
in you, and once they’ve gained your trust, they’ll ask for money. If you refuse, they’ll blackmail
you. Others will impersonate you for personal and monetary gain.
Data breaches are a common concern among social media platforms, including people’s data
being sold to other organizations. From exposure to inappropriate content, the risk of sharing
personal information with strangers and scammers, to different types of toxicity, utilizing the
usual social media platforms includes increased risks.  

The Heiroom Difference  
Designed to take the toxicity out of social media while ensuring people’s safety, security, and
privacy, Heiroom takes social media use to a different level. This app aims to keep your families
connected while allowing you to preserve your family heritage.
For instance, you can open a “room” in our app and invite your whole family. Any family member
can send photos, audio, and videos in this safe and private space. In addition, you can share
your stories, family recipes, and anything that keeps your family closer to each other. 
Given that you’re only inviting the people you genuinely know, Heiroom keeps you away from
scammers, hackers, and impersonators. Made especially for you and your family, Heiroom
allows you to nurture your relationship with your family by telling stories, planning family events,
uploading videos, and writing any precious memory for the next generations to appreciate and
What makes Heiroom even more unique is that there is no data sharing, no pop-up ads, and no
location tracking. Thus, you have the peace of mind that the app is safe, secure, and private, so
you can freely connect with the people you value the most.   

Final Thoughts
Given all the toxicity and the safety and privacy issues associated with social media, we need a
new platform that gives us a safe and secure space to stay connected. At Heiroom, you get to
build stronger relationships with your family and preserve your family history without any risks.
Download the app today for a refreshing and meaningful social media experience.

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