Creating New Family Traditions

April 02, 2022

– Bradshaw

Importance of Family Traditions

When thinking of family traditions several ideas come to mind. Bedtime stories with the kids, putting on family talent shows, visits to a favorite park or ice cream parlor, and so many more. It’s always fun to relive those moments in our memories and even better when those moments can be physically shared with extended family. 

Heiroom gives users a place to preserve their family legacies. Moments can be collected, stored, and shared–creating a vast array of a family’s present moments to traditions from the past. Tradition is such an important piece of family history. It is more than an ancestral connection. It is a family’s identity.

More Time for Making Memories

Visiting relatives in a busy world means not having a lot of time to spend being in the moment and really strengthening that connection. Sharing videos during conversation or family gatherings only keeps everyone staring at their phones instead of taking the time to truly immerse themselves in the act of bonding. 

Heiroom is the perfect platform where moments like these can be shared with family. They can access and interact with them on their own terms–in their own time. It’s an extension of the visit without becoming the focus of the visit. Better still–the moments will last forever and can be revisited as many times as desired. 

A New Way to Engage

Creating new ways to engage in family traditions is as easy as signing up for Heiroom. Bedtime stories can now become an experience where parents or siblings can share in the custom by capturing it as a video or voice recording. Users simply click the microphone icon or the image icon to add audio and visual content to their posts. A unique cover image can also be added to every post. These recordings can be uploaded in a user’s private room and shared with any family member who has been welcomed to access the room. 

Heiroom is a private social media network with zero data sharing or location tracking. This means users will have access to a platform where families can share amongst themselves without interference. It’s a safe and secure place to share and preserve the heritage and history of every family. 

Shaping Future Traditions

We’ve all heard of “Taco Tuesday” or “Family Movie Night” - these are traditions many families partake in. Taking a step into the digital age can be a new way of doing “Family Movie Night” if the movies are made by the family. Each family member can record their own video, upload it by clicking the “media” field within a post, and on “Family Movie Night” they all share what they’ve made. Take it even a step further by adding reaction videos! 

Heiroom makes it possible for these family events to become shareable family film festivals that last for generations. By accessing the “events” tab, adults can return to childhood family events years after they happened and share them with their own children. These are moments that can be crafted into future family traditions–without ever losing that important link to the past.

Bridging the Gap

Heiroom is a platform to not only share memories but to bridge the gap between families. There will certainly be a variety of traditions extended family members participate in that might never have come to light in casual conversation. Sharing these private moments on Heiroom provides families with a new paradigm for shaping their own traditions. Best of all–they will always be there to return to, helping to shape, inspire, and guide future generations in building their own special moments. Heiroom delivers a never-ending link to the past, present and future. Hieroom is a living legacy.


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