Best Friends: Capturing the personality and memories of our furry friends

February 04, 2022


Heiroom aims to make your social media experience more family friendly even for our best friends that don’t speak human. Without the influence of the internet, we would still be obsessed with our favorite canines and felines. Unlike the toxic environment that social media can create, Heiroom aims to make a safe space for families to share happy moments together. Even though our favorite pets don’t take trolling to heart, no one wants to hear or read “mutual friends” nitpick every spot of dirt that’s on Fido’s winter coat. 

Photos, portraits, and letters contain a lot of family history in them. With Heiroom, that family history can be recorded in different ways than what we are traditionally used to. Think about the amount of photos that capture the essence of our favorite pets. Those photos surely bring forth feelings of love, friendship, and companionship that we don’t get from thirty second video clips. All of those boxes of pictures and slides with your favorite memories under your bed now have a place to be stored forever. 

At Heiroom, those memories of your companion can be captured through more than just photography. Animal lovers know that all pets have unique voices, just like humans. When you hear a familiar voice, there can be a feeling of security that occurs if that voice once watched over you or protected you. Many dog-lovers and cat-lovers alike can distinguish their pets from other pets simply by hearing a “woof!” or “meow!” With Heiroom, families can upload audio and video recordings to capture the best of their pet’s personality. Heiroom offers a platform for families to directly include man’s best friend as a part of their history. Because let’s face it… they are our best friends. They deserve a special spot in our history books.

Let’s not forget the hundreds of nicknames that we make up for each of our pets. Doesn’t it seem like half the time those nicknames are words that don’t belong to any recognizable language? Some may call this “baby talk” like how new parents talk to their infants. To pet owners, it is just some strange voice that takes over them when they talk to their favorite friend. Those words or nicknames don’t always make a lot of sense to the public, but at Heiroom your family can talk like they are behind closed doors. No need to feel embarrassed by that weird voice you make at your cat when they scratch up your favorite chair with the utmost affection. 

Heiroom is a safe space for families to speak how they would naturally speak together. There is no data mining or invasion of privacy allowed at Heiroom. There are assumptions on the internet that with a social media platform, free speech can get out of hand. Contrary to those assumptions, Heiroom believes free speech is the key to creating a safe environment for families to gather. Do you have photos or videos of your “aggressive breed” wearing a halloween costume? Admit it. You do. Fido deserves to wear that costume with confidence without any judgment from humans he has never met. 

Jimmy might think that puppies and kittens spontaneously emerge into existence, but most adults know that’s not how it works. Potential adopters often look for rescues at shelters, but that is not the only way animals find new homes. We have to thank the dog breeders and crazy cat ladies in our families for preparing our furry friends for forever homes. Maybe you don’t have a dog breeder in your family, but maybe you have a relative that wasn’t expecting a litter of puppies. Those puppies have a better chance at finding a permanent home through Heiroom, because your family knows how to raise animals better than anyone else does! Both the foster parents and forever parents have more confidence in one another when they see their dogs interact at family barbecues. 

Our pets are with us for a short time. There will never be a remedy for that. At least at Heiroom, every meow, every nose dive into the first snow of winter, and every couch riddled with anxious teeth marks can be shared for your loved ones to see. They can see it in an environment where they won’t feel censored, overwhelmed, or afraid to tell you to clean up your house every once in a while. Imagine a place where the whole world doesn’t have to watch your family judge you for rescuing that fourth cat. Heiroom is a place where all animals have last names, and most of them have middle names too. 

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