An Uphill Battle for Better, Healthier Connections in a Data-Driven Age

July 31, 2023


As the founder of Heiroom, I've come to know the challenges of carving out a niche in an industry driven by rapid content consumption and often questionable data practices. Creating a system designed for healthier lifestyles, I've had my share of near-drownings, trying to keep this dream afloat. 

Heiroom is a platform, a labor of love, birthed from the passion to connect families, preserve memories, and promote mental health for our aging population. Our mission is noble, yet its pursuit is not without its own set of hurdles.

We live in a society where 'free' entertainment is the norm, a time where Big Tech companies capitalize on the data of users, often without their knowledge or clear consent. In such a world, Heiroom is the health food for the soul - necessary, but often overlooked in favor of the easy, the instantaneous, and the distracting.

The foundation of Heiroom is grounded in respect for its users. We aim to nurture connections, preserve memories, and promote mental health among our aging loved ones. However, carving out our path in an industry that's predominantly driven by quick consumption and data monetization has proven to be a tough challenge.

Despite these obstacles, we've remained committed to creating a platform that not only meets the needs of our users but also respects their privacy. It is our belief that memories and personal information should remain secure and never be used for advertising purposes. Heiroom is entirely private and ad-free, committed to providing an environment where families can safely share photos and memories, and connect through storytelling, games, and reminiscence therapy activities.

Our recent feature on MiTech News encapsulates our mission and the efforts we've undertaken to make Heiroom a reality. I invite you to [watch the video]( to get a glimpse of our journey and understand our vision better.

With a market largely comprised of aging individuals, dementia poses a serious and growing threat. The potential impact Heiroom can have in addressing this issue is immense. However, we need your help to make this vision a reality. We're in the midst of an upcoming capital raise, and we're looking for support to further our mission to connect families and support our aging loved ones.

Our journey has been difficult, filled with challenges, and our path is still uphill. But with the right support, we're confident that we can create a platform that serves as a beacon of hope for healthier, more connected lifestyles. Our resolve to build Heiroom, to make a difference, remains unshaken. We're in it for the long haul, and we hope you join us on this journey.

Thank you for being part of this narrative - because this is not just our story, but a shared ambition for a healthier, more connected society.

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