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Social media platforms historically have been built based on viralability and data collection. Their objective is to keep you in their system all day and to mine all of your data.

Our story

Heiroom™ was founded by CEO Chris Budnik in 2020. When the world shut down, so did Chris’ line of work. Home with his two children during a global pandemic, Chris began to contemplate the importance of family, and how to best preserve and share memories with them. Chris drew strength from the stories his grandfather told him when he was younger. He remembers so many moments and experiences with his grandfather, but details have faded and he wished there was a better way to relive these moments – or even a way to have captured more of those memories and moments. He wants his children to have something he did not have.

At the same time, Chris found it exhausting to remain vigilant while facilitating his children’s safety online. It was disturbingly evident that there was not a safe, private digital platform to store photos or personal, cherished, private memories. There was literally no place that a family/loved ones could go to interact safely and privately creating a timeline of their journeys and life experiences.

I love Heiroom for sharing with my family and not having the social pressures, pop ups, or location tracking like other media apps. Allows me to share recipes and stories with family all over the US.”
Our objective, Heiroom team

Heiroom - Mission
to Support

01Self Care

  • Journaling

  • Closed social groups

02 Gerontology

  • Dementia Research

  • Memory Support Activities

  • Limiting the impacts of Isolation

03 Protecting and supporting disadvantaged groups

  • Living Abroad

  • Refugees

  • All Special People

04 Loved ones staying engaged with special mementos full of memories and experiences

  • Loved ones interacting

  • Private

  • Time Capsule Timeline

Our values

With your support, the passionate team at Heiroom™ can continue to evolve the platform. We are open to our users' needs, preferences and insight. We are not just a corporation focused on profit, we are focused on supporting you, your family and the generations to come.

Management Team

Our team draws upon a wealth of expert knowledge from a diverse range of fields to build the standalone product for the end users.

Dorian Justin

Head of Marketing

Kason Landry

Head of Marketing

Lawson Adriel

Head of Marketing

Carter Killian

Head of Marketing

Trenton Heath

Head of Marketing

Board of Directors

A dedicated team of questioners, thinkers and challengers drives us to unlock great creativity wherever we go.

Dorian Justin


Dorian Justin


Dorian Justin

Chief Executive Officer

Dorian Justin

Chief Operating Officer

Dorian Justin

Chief Technology Officer

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